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Koya-San World Heritage Ticket Validity 2019/11/21 22:56
I know questions about this ticket have been asked many times before, but none of them have answered a question of mine with enough clarity. I am planning on doing the one night "pilgrimage" to Koya-San and was going to purchase the ticket for the convenience, and to save the few yen it actually discounts. I wanted to buy it on a day that I had some time free in Osaka, say the 16-Dec, but I don't want to use it until 18-Dec and 19-Dec. Is the ticket valid from the date of purchase or the date it is first used? I want to do this because I will be on an early train from Osaka to Koya-San to make the most of my day (planning a lot of walking) and was sure that the ticket office wouldn't be open on the morning I head up to the mountain. Thanks
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Re: Koya-San World Heritage Ticket Validity 2019/11/22 20:09
According to the website below, it says Koyasan World Heritage Ticket can be purchased one month before the actual departure date.

So you can designate the date of activation when you buy the ticket at the station.
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Re: Koya-San World Heritage Ticket Validity 2019/11/23 06:08
Thank you very much for that!
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