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Omamori 2019/11/24 15:44
I bought a omamori and stupid curious me sort of peeked through the opening of it. I did not open the strings tying it but I had a small peeked through the opening :( does that mean all the good luck is gone? will I be cursed?
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Re: Omamori 2019/11/25 12:59
Whatever happens, don't blame your omamori(amulet).
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Re: Omamori 2019/11/26 19:11
No, you donft get cursed, and it is not that the good luck has been packed in the "omamori" – if you believe in it as a charm to protect you and keep it with you, that will be fine :)
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Re: Omamori 2019/11/29 12:54
It is just my idea, but it might not be meaningless.

A mirror is put in the shrine as the divine object.
It means it is possible to confirm the natural providence only in the mind.
When there is feeling in its mind vice, a trouble is caused by that.

My belief is that If I always provide for heart to be right, omamori achieves communication with natural providence .
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