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Japanese Language School Recommendations 2019/11/26 16:11

I am planning to move to Tokyo early next year (2020) and I'm looking for suggestions for Japanese language schools to enrol in.

I want to join a school that offers small class sizes and include speaking practices in their lessons.

I think I am around the JLPT N5 level.

Would appreciate any help given!
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Re: Japanese Language School Recommendations 2019/11/27 07:39
I can suggest either Coto or Naganuma school.

Coto is mainly geared towards talking and much less to reading and writing. There classes are relatively small and mainly students are from non-kanji countries, generally Westerners. I didnft go to that school personally because I wanted more emphasis on reading and writing but my husband did a 1 month intensive corse and was quite satisfied as well as a friend goes there for weekly lessons.

Naganuma school is a more traditional school with about 50% of students from Taiwan and probably about 80% from Asia. Emphasis is on all skills, but there are daily kanji tests, weekly grammar tests and bigger tests every 6 weeks that if you fail, you need to repeat the past 6 weeks. It requires about 2-3 h of homework per day additional to school. Class size at 14 pupils is on the large side. I went to this school and generally was satisfied. Only class size is a bit too big but the teachers did know well how to manage such a size.

If you plan to study only for a few weeks, eg to improve a bit from N5 in direction of N4, Coto would be my choice. If you move to Japan and expect to work in Japanese in the future a school like Naganuma would be my choice. Calculate that youfll need about 2 years (give and take) to get from N5 to N1.

Enjoy studying Japanese.
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Re: Japanese Language School Recommendations 2019/11/28 12:23
Hi! Welcome to Japan!

I have personally been to Coto Japanese Academy! They have a variety of classes for you to choose from and not to mention, their timings for each classes are very flexible! Since you are around JLPT N5, you can opt for their JLPT classes!

They focus more of talking, so you would be fluent and confident in speaking. They are located near Tokyo Dome!

Continue enjoy learning Japanese!

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