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Is my favorite meal gone forever? 2019/11/27 02:24
Hello everyone,

I've not been in Japan long, about 4 months, so my Japanese skills are quite low, and was wondering if anyone can be so kind to help.

I recently went to one of my favorite low cost restaurants, Matsunoya, which I discovered on my first trip to Japan in 2005. It sells mainly pork and chicken katsu dishes.

When I went in to one shop and the chicken tenderloin dishes were not available to select on the machine, and there was a yellow sticker on the food posters in the shop. I couldn't work out if there was a problem with supply, or sold out (which happens occasionally, but I've never seen this with the yellow stickers) or that they have decided to shop selling it after 14 years? I wanted to ask one of the staff but they speak very little English, and my Japanese is not that good yet.

Here's an image of the poster: https://postimg.cc/w7XZJy8k

And here's a close up image of the sticker: https://postimg.cc/ctyKp5Jw

Is the chicken tenderloin cutlet gone forever or do they do things like this in Japan for temporary supply issues sometimes?

Any help is appreciated. Thanking you in advance for your time.
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Re: Is my favorite meal gone forever? 2019/11/27 11:52
No worry.

In 2005, imports of "chicken" were only temporarily restricted due to "Avian influenza(bird flu)".
Maybe already u know, since Japan has to rely on imports for many of the ingredients
that are consumed in large quantities, so such problems cannot be avoided.
In 2005, also the import problem of "beef" due to by "BSE" was one of the big news.

Anyway, now the consumption tax went up to 10% in Oct this year,
it became impossible to eat at the same price as 2005 though,
currently, it is in Matsunoya's menu abt 800Y w/tax.
but only some stores are excluded where provids this new menu "Millefeuille-Katsu".

And, that menu name that ur favorite in JP is "ささみかつ Sasami Katsu", (katsu is shorten of cutlet)
"定食 teishoku" means set menu w/rice, miso soup etc, calling easier than EN.
Matsunoya's official web menu page does not list all menu photos and prices,
but this campaign article released in Apr of this year, price is old,
however, found easy, these tweets w/photo were posted in this year.
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Re: Is my favorite meal gone forever? 2019/11/27 14:57

Referring to above Matsunoya link, ※Note (second note) below the Grand Menu picture, it is mentioned that sasami katsu related menu is temporary suspended during Millefeuille-Katsu promotion sale.

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