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Commuter pass 2019/12/1 15:42
Does anyone know what happens when my commuter pass expires but I don't renew it? Will they automatically deduct the value I have in my Pasmo/suica?
by Jy (guest)  

Re: Commuter pass 2019/12/1 16:54
Yes, once your pass expires and you ride along the section formerly covered by the commuter pass, you will simply be charged the regular fares from your card balance.
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Re: Commuter pass 2019/12/1 17:42
I am not entirely sure I understand your question.

1) if your commuter pass has expired but you still ride on your commute route, it will be simply deducted from your money that is on the IC card
2) the expiration of your commuter pass is not linked to the money you have on the card. That money stays and you can continue to use.

Hope this helps
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