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What happens to visa in case of divorce 2019/12/2 03:18
Good day everyone
I just want to ask something about visa
I got 3 years visa last October after I extend it
Then im planning to go back to my country for few months because i have to do something.

What if my husband divorce me this month suddenly, What will happen to my visa?
Because im thinking what if I cannot enter japan after my husband divorce me while im staying in my country?

Can I still enter here after few months in japan after he divorce me ?
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Re: What happens to visa in case of divorce 2019/12/2 08:07
Your husband cannot divorce unilaterally; either you must consent to it or it must be ordered by a court.

But even assuming that divorce occurs, no, it will not prevent you from re-entering Japan; however, after you re-enter you will need to think about what to do about your status.
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Re: What happens to visa in case of divorce 2019/12/2 10:52
On spouse status, once the divorce is legalise, you need to inform the immigration within 14 days about your divorce.
And the immigration may advice you to change your spouse status and you will normally have 6 months to decide/apply for change of status.

Within that time you can still reside in Japan, and travel overseas using your spouse status and special re-entry permit. So yes, you can travel in-out Japan within the period until your status is decided by immigration.

In divorce case for spouse status holder, they normally change to long term or 'work related' status. If none is applicable, you maybe asked to leave Japan by the immigration. BUT they may give you a designated activities status which let you settle your things in Japan before leaving Japan.
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