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Aomori Visitor Pass 2019/12/2 08:29
Hi, wondering is there a visitor/ transport pass for foreigners ? Will stay 3 nights in Aomori, thinking to visit Mt.Hakkoda and follow by Sukayu Onsen.
Besides, Nebuta Warrese, Moya Hills ,Furukawa fish market and A Factory....
So, a pass to travel around in Aomori would be more convenient and cost saving too. Thanks.
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Re: Aomori Visitor Pass 2019/12/2 13:48
There are several local rail passes that can save you some money if you do some significant travel by train within Aomori prefecture, however they won't be interesting if you already have a wider national or regional rail pass. (They are not specifically aimed at foreign tourists and can be used by anyone, so they are mostly interesting for residents who can't use the more generous tourist rail passes.)
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Re: Aomori Visitor Pass 2019/12/2 16:35
Aomori is a Beautiful you can consider
JR aomori holiday pass=2520 yen
Aomori railway 1 day pass=2100 yen
Aomori city bus=500 yen
Aomori sightseeing bus=700 yen
JR bus Tohoku=2000 yen
Hachinohe city bus=600 yen
Nanbu bus=600 yen
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Re: Aomori Visitor Pass 2019/12/3 00:59
Aomori has no visitor pass. However, A Lot of transportation pass exist
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Re: Aomori Visitor Pass 2019/12/3 04:33
More info about local rail passes for future reference.

The Aomori Holiday Pass (あおもりホリデーパス), one day on weekends and holidays only, 2520 yen. Roughly covers all JR rail lines within Aomori prefecture plus the Aoimori line but excluding the Gono line and the Shinkansen. Pays off for example for a one-way Hachinohe-Shimokita or a round-trip Aomori-Hachinohe-Aomori or Aomori-Shimokita-Aomori.

The Gono Line Free Pass (五能線フリーパス), two days, 3880 yen. Covers the entire Gono line plus the Ou Main Line between Aomori and Hirosaki and between Higashi-Noshiro and Akita, which is exactly the route used by the Resort Shirakami. Pays off even with just a one-way from Aomori to Akita along the Gono line, so it's pretty good value since it's valid for two days. If you use the RS, note that the pass does not cover the seat reservation fee, which must be paid separately.

The Tsugaru Free Pass (津軽フリーパス), two days, 2100 yen. Covers the Ou Main Line between Aomori and Ikarigaseki, the Konan Railway, the Tsugaru Railway, and Konan buses around Hirosaki.
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Re: Aomori Visitor Pass 2019/12/3 14:42
Gono Line=154 km
Konan railway=31 km
Tsugaru railway=21 km
Aomori to ikarigaseki=58 km
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