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Money transfer in Japan 2019/12/3 13:56
I have a relative coming to japan carrying money for me, I need it quick but by the time he made it to my place is too late. He is travelling to Japan as a tourist and I'm using Japan Post bank. Is there a way he can transfer the cash into my Japan Post account in Japan while he is visiting Japan?
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Re: Money transfer in Japan 2019/12/3 16:11
I do not want to know the amount of money but up to 1 mln yen is allowed, after that it has to be declared at customs.

If your relative does not have a bank account in Japan, you can consider,
Western Union
Apple pay (Any money you receive on your Apple Pay Cash card can be sent from your card to the bank account of your choice.)

but all above needs to be linked to your bank account.
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Re: Money transfer in Japan 2019/12/3 16:38
It's also possible to do a regular bank transfer (振込) at an ATM; this subject was discussed here relatively recently.
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