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Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/3 20:50

i have purchased a USICA card via email prior to arriving at Narita airport.
The question is, if i decide to go to my hotel in Asakusa area, should i get the Narita Express train or another train? And if i do so, does my USICA or (Pasmo relatively) Card also cover this transfer?

Last, i suppose i have to top up my card upon arrival, where exactly can i do this (i understand that you can add do card-charging online)?

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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/4 08:22
Narita Express requires a reserved seat ticket - you need to purchase that separately as it will not be covered by your SUICA.
Going to Asakusa I'd get the Skyliner to Ueno and then the Ginza subway line to Asakusa. Skyliner requires a ticket, subway the SUICA card is fine.
Local trains using SUICA card is an option.
Recharging - many recharge machines at train stations or places like convenience stores also do top-ups.
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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/4 08:35
Thanks! Since we will have luggage, is there a direct train close to our hotel in Asakusa? To avoid transfers?

Also, do you know how much this train cost;

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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/4 11:37
This website has some tips and lays out all the options for getting to Asakusa from Narita Airport. There are a few options.


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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/4 18:36
what's the name of the hotel you're staying at?
Did you look on the hotel website if the limousines bus doesn't take you to the hotel door?
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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/4 18:50
Hi the hotel name is > Hotel Onyado Nono Asakusa Natural Hot Spring.

From my understanding the buses run on intermittent frequency and they are slightly more expensive (and slower). Am i wrong?

Would you recommend a particular company ?

thanks again
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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/4 19:46
When? (date, time)
The reason for this Q is bc morning and evening rush on weekdays.
There are not so many passengers fr NRT,but it will be crowded
bc the area around Asakusa is an urban area, if so, should be avoided.

In that section, no Limited Express(such as Skyliner, N'EX) trains
with reserved seat cars connected to Asakusa as direct(no transfer),
but Rapid "Access Express" trains bound for HND or more operate everyday,
and it can be taken only by Charge of "Suica", no need a new card PASMO.

Recharge Suica use a ticket vending machine near the ticket gates
at NRT's rail stns(T1,T2 only, BF =basement floor, No in T3).
There is also an English menu, so just follow the touch panel.

Train fares and transfers can be done with HyperDia or Google Maps,
but NRT's official web(EN page) has the same functions, very easy.
And, there is not only one rail stn around Asakusa, pls check first.
All above Rapid trains will be stopping at Asakusa(A18) stn on Toei Asakusa Line.

NRT rail stations have no Toei Asakusa Line platforms and signs.
This rapid trains enter Toei subway line fr the Keisei line.
In NRT, Keisei section in "blue" and JR-East in "red",
but in areas other than NRT, a slightly darker "green" color is used.

Rapid : not Limited Express, no need a ticket for Limited Express(as upper service)
Local : slowest train, stopping all stns type, Rapid will stop fewer, major stns only.

HND : Haneda int'l Airport, other side of Tokyo, closer than NRT fr/to mid Tokyo.

Charge : SF = Stored Fare, also Japanse are calling the word "charge" usual.
Suica is no big discount. just do not have to buy paper ticket(s) at ticket machine every time,
and super convenient for easy shopping at convenience stores and more as e-money.
There is something like a "one day pass" with big discount, but it depends on ur itinerary.

Toei : one of Subway rail companies of two in Tokyo, other one is "Tokyo Metro".
A18 : A means Toei Asakusa Line stations numbering(18th fr far side) for first timers.
You shouldn't imagine how many different rail companies are in Tokyo area, anyway.
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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/4 19:50
My trip is in April, i arrive on Saturday morning around 11:30 ƒÍn the 11th 2020.
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Re: Narita Airport to Asakusa Station 2019/12/9 04:07
Exact times may change until April, but if you were arriving this coming Saturday, you'd have plenty of options for direct services to Asakusa.

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