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Airsoft shops in Tokyo 2019/12/5 22:32
I will visiting to Tokyo in next 2 weeks I want to know which airsoft store in Tokyo is the biggest.My purpose is to buy internal parts.Such as, barrel,bbu,triggers

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Re: Airsoft shops in Tokyo 2019/12/6 12:38
Tokyo marui Co Ltd ,
Located in adachi,Tokyo
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Re: Airsoft shops in Tokyo 2019/12/7 04:28
Tokyo Marui has not own direct shop, just a biggest manufacturer of airsoft guns in Japan.
Even if you go to Adachi ward, you can only look at the headquarter building from the outside.

So, go to Akihabara (Electlic, sub-culture such as Anime, Game and more town) shops and ask again.

In Japan, we don't use the word "Airsoft", "Survival Game(Saba Gei サバゲー)",
also no use "Airsoft Gun", shorten "エアガン Air Gun" usual.
Internal parts name are mostly same, no worry.
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Re: Airsoft shops in Tokyo 2020/1/21 09:05
Echigoya in Akihabara. It's very close to Suehirocho station.
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