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Transfer at Omiya station 2019/12/6 14:37

I will get off from SHINKANSEN MaxTANIGAWA 410 at 12:34pm at Omiya and transfer to SHINKANSEN HAYABUSA 21 to Shin-Hakodate-at 12:45pm. But I could not get the information from which platform I get off and which platform I board. Is 11 mins enough for the transfer? This is my first time to visit Japan.

Many thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Transfer at Omiya station 2019/12/6 19:55
Yes,11 minutes are enough for transfer.
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Re: Transfer at Omiya station 2019/12/6 23:00
11 minutes is enough time I agree. At Omiya Station all Shinkansen lines are on the third and top floor (which is typical for many train stations). From there take the escalator to the second floor where there is a lounge area. Then just look for the signage which hopefully is easy to spot. From the jr east site the Hokkaido Shinkansen bound for Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station is Track 17.

Have fun!
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Re: Transfer at Omiya station 2019/12/6 23:29
HAYABUSA 21 dep time is 12:46, 12 mins total,
maybe arr No.13, dep 17 track, fr 3F down to 2F up to 3F,
no need ticket gate out/re-enter at 2F, under 4 mins usual very easy, open stn maps.
In the first map is not written elevators(lifts) into right(north) side blue circle,
but second JR-EAST official map is written it, no worry.
Both Shinkansen Car No.1 are map left(south, Tokyo) side.

Omiya is not end stn of Max Tanigawa,
so you should move close to the door 1 minute before arrival, be careful stairway down.
This Max means "Multi Amenity Express" but now just using
as JR-East's E4 series double-decker cars type shinkansen train name enough.

And, Idk which stn you to go w/Hayabusa, in JR-East's Shinkansen bento(lunchbox)
and hot coffee sales(wagon service items) was finished this summer,
but 3 stores(NEWDAYS and EkibenYa) in the middle of Hayabusa dep platform(island).
NEWDAYS is JR-East group company's convenience store name, also calling smaller one KIOSK.
EkibenYa is one of old train restaurant service campany's store brand name,
so,you should buy something there, some ekiben that heats when pull the string is famous.
It doesn't matter if booked Grand Class.

This is no important, just one of fun if taking Shinkansen first time,
try coin balancing challenge and real time speed check w/cellphone GPS apps.
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Re: Transfer at Omiya station 2019/12/7 13:01
Lots of time. Actual transfer only takes five minutes - down escalator and across to the escalators for the departing platform. The signage/information boards make it very clear.

My last transfer at Omiya my incoming train was actually running late so had to get my group from one to the other with much less time than planned - wasn't difficult, but more rushed than usual.
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