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Translating my Chinese name into Japanese 2019/12/7 18:30
Hi there! I've been wondering for a while about how to translate my Chinese name into Japanese and was wondering if anyone could help.

My name in Chinese is 鄺金譹 and it's pronounced as "kwong3 gam1 hou4".
My surname 鄺 is apparently read as コウ from what I've been able to find out so far, so that's fine as is.
I think my given name is quite irregular and uncommon though, so I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to read that in Japanese.
Obviously 金 has a variety of different pronunciations to pick from, but the issue I'm having is with 譹 as the only reading I've found for it is also コウ. With this in mind, I'm really not sure which reading to pick for 金 that would sound natural in Japanese, or at least natural enough that it isn't strange.

I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions about this. Thank you!
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Re: Translating my Chinese name into Japanese 2019/12/9 00:07
It's a name, so you are free to have it read any way you want, even in Chinese style. But typically, 金 in a non-Japanese name is read as "kin", so コウ・キンコウ would be a typical way a Japanese might want to read it. That said, both 鄺 and 譹 are uncommon letters in Japan, so a typical Japanese would have to have you tell them how to read your name anyway.
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