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Aomori City to Hakkoda-san continue to Sukayu 2019/12/9 13:53
Hi, I would like to take a bus from Aomori city(perhaps Aomori station as I will be staying at the APA Aomori hotel) to Hakkoda San. Spend 2-3 hours to enjoy the snow monsters and great views on the mountain. Continue to Sukayu Onsen after Hakkoda San. Is there a bus from Hakkoda San to Sukayu Onsen? How much is the fare?
What to expect other than mixed bath hot spring in Sukayu? Any nice restaurant around Sukayu?
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Re: Aomori City to Hakkoda-san continue to Sukayu 2019/12/11 01:56
I Love Hokkaido. So strongly recommend you to buy unlimited bus pass
Hokkaido inter city bus pass=6000 yen,9000 yen (3,5 Days)
Hokkaido budget bus pass=11000,17000 yen(3,5 Days)for highway bus
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Re: Aomori City to Hakkoda-san continue to Sukayu 2019/12/11 04:50

I'm not sure what Hokkaido has to do with your questions but...

Years ago, I took the bus from Aomori down to the Oirase stream. (which stops at the Hakkoda and Sukayu onsen) in the Fall. You're looking at Winter, and while the route is open to Sukayu Onsen, Japan Guide says there are only 3 buses a day, so I think you would have to be VERY careful with timing or you are going to get stuck somewhere and not be able to make it back to Aomori. When I took the bus there was pretty much a rest stop near the base of Hakkoda where we were all allowed out to stretch our legs for 5-10 minutes, a stop near the ropeway, and I think Sukayu was the next stop. Sukayu onsen is literally just one big ryokan with a huge parking lot and nothing else. The Sukayu onsen page pretty much shows it looking like I remember it from a decade ago.: http://www.sukayu.jp/hakkoda/index.html I guess the ryokan itself has a small cafe that is open 10-15:00 but is closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Personally, if I am going to get stuck somewhere, I would pick the Hakkoda hotel.

This should be the bus times table for Winter 2019-2020:

Good luck!

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