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Customer Courtesy: Phone Usage 2019/12/10 19:47
Hi everyone,

When in a place where I do not yet speak the language, I will very often take out my phone and direct the camera at the foreign text to get an idea of whatfs being said.

In Japan, many shops prefer you not take photos, which, of course, I completely respect. When I take out my camera to seek a translation\to say, find out what the name of an unfamiliar food is in the 100th depachika Ifm visiting\it usually is mistaken, understandably, as an attempt at photography.

May I ask, what is a respectful phrase I can say, hopefully with less words so I have less to stumble over, to inform people I am using my phone for translation assistance and not taking a photo?

Thank you so much.
by Oshizushi Everyday  

Re: Customer Courtesy: Phone Usage 2019/12/11 10:28
You could say,
gsumimasen, honyaku camera desu. Ii deshou ka?h
(Excuse me, this is translation camera. Is it OK?)

Since there are "honyaku kamera" apps (translation camera apps), they would get the idea.
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Re: Customer Courtesy: Phone Usage 2019/12/12 02:20
The specifics of the terminology is really perfect. Thank you so much! I will be employing it a lot.
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