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Ideas for 2d/1n between Osaka and Tokyo 2019/12/11 06:06
Hi all.

I'm considering to spend one night between Osaka and Tokyo (september, weekday). It would be leave early from Osaka and arrive late to Tokyo, so it could be considered to almost 2 days and 1 night.

I will have a JR pass active. It must be a place that doesn't imply a huge detour (let's say 2-3h train max for each leg)

So far I consider 2 options.

1) Hakone and try the loop.
2) Kanazawa. I spent an afternoon a couple of years ago, just to enjoy the amazing garden. But I didn't have time for anything else.

Please I'd appreciate any other suggestion...


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Re: Ideas for 2d/1n between Osaka and Tokyo 2019/12/11 11:34
At the risk of sounding like an idiot for suggesting something that includes a train trip longer than 3 hours, if your family is interested in dinosaurs, I highly recommend taking the detour to Fukui prefecture. The museum at Katsuyama is exceptional.

Have you been to Nagoya? Whilst I didn't find it to be the most exiting place, there are excellent attractions for families such as the train museum.

Or Fujigoko?

Your 2 ideas are also good :)
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Re: Ideas for 2d/1n between Osaka and Tokyo 2019/12/11 12:32

Personally, I find the Hakone loop dull. I know you are traveling with children, so I would look honestly at my kids and try to figure out if you think they would enjoy the loop. I know my child would not. She does want to go to Yunessun because it is cheezy and she liked the hydrangea and the Tozan line when we went in 2016, but she would be terrified of the ropeway and bored by the boat like me. If your daughter is afraid of heights she is not going to like the ropeway. I have to pick a spot to stare at so that I can handle it.

I like Kanazawa a lot, my child was not feeling it as much when we went. It was super hot and sunny when we were there though.

I don't think Fukui is so out of the way, it's maybe 2-3 hours from Osaka and then from Fukui you just travel to Kanazawa and catch a shinkansen there for Tokyo. I definitely think if your kids like dinosaurs it is a good option. It shouldn't be that much worse than Kanazawa in terms of travel times.

If you don't care about your pride or using your rail pass, we went to 48 Falls and did ninja training this past year. My kid loved it, but unless you are physically adept be prepared to make a fool of yourself, though I can now say I have a ninja certificate saying I am a ninja. It's a little more than 1 hour to Akameguchi Station on the Kintetsu. From Akameguchi you can catch the Kintetsu further to Nagoya and catch the shinkansen there.

Good luck!
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Re: Ideas for 2d/1n between Osaka and Tokyo 2019/12/11 13:12
Actually, it's 5-6 hours from Katsuyama (where the dinosaur museum is) to Tokyo, and you can go either via the Hokuriku shinkansen or Tokaido-sanyo shinkansen. It's the travel from the museum to Fukui station that you have to consider. Still, worth it if you ask me.
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Re: Ideas for 2d/1n between Osaka and Tokyo 2019/12/11 13:13
Izu Peninsula is a possibility. Stop at Atami (about 2 hours from Osaka) then I would train either to Ito (another 20 mins or so) or Shuzenji (an hour from memory via Mishima) depending on your interests and budget.

Ito Shaboten is a lot of fun especially if you like Capybaras (who doesnt). The cactus burger and cactus icecream are awesome.

Shuzenji is an onsen town, very pretty but there are a lot of chinese visitors and I wouldnt say it is the most tranquil place I have visited. That said it gets quieter at night and in the morning before the buses roll in.
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