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Unused reservations on eki-net using JR pass 2019/12/12 22:26
Ifm travelling to Japan in a couple weeks and I used JR Eastfs Japanese eki-net service to book many of the trains Ifll be taking here. Ifm using JAPAN RAIL PASS and Ifll be showing it upon pickup of limited express reserved seat tickets so I wonft be charged for them. I wanted to change some of my reservations but I understand that therefs a fee for cancelling a reservation. Ifve lived in Japan before so I know that itfs best to cancel the unused reservations but wouldnft I be charged if I cancel the unused reservations on eki-net? Do you guys know if therefs any way for me to cancel for free? (If not then Ifll just pick up the tickets and throw them away.)
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Re: Unused reservations on eki-net using JR pass 2019/12/13 16:52
There are fees for cancelling a reservation but not for changing it (e.g., changing the date/time).

You can't cancel for free from eki-net, but probably you can cancel after picking up the tickets.
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