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Shiobara onsen day trip 2019/12/15 01:22

I plan to use JR bus to Shiobara onsen bus terminal and spend a day in the surrounding areas.
I wonder if walking is possible to cover the places like Momijidani suspension bridge, Nanatsuiwa suspension bridge, Ryuka fall, and public baths?
Please advise, thank you.

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Re: Shiobara onsen day trip 2019/12/15 10:58
Some of the places are walkable but some would take quite awhile to walk to, and it also depends on which of the public baths you're interested in visiting. If you're coming into the bus stop, then going to the right you'll find the Shiobara Tourist Information Center. There's also a suspension bridge across the river right there, and a public outdoor onsen on the other side of the river. They will help you with how to get to all your destinations, and also which of the many public baths you might want to visit!

By the way, if you haven't already decided on where you'd like to eat, I highly recommend a place called Kobaya (こばや食堂) to eat at. It is just a few minutes past the bus stop and is really popular and delicious!

Shiobara Onsen is awesome, have a great trip there!
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Re: Shiobara onsen day trip 2019/12/15 13:38
Dear scarreddragon, thank you for your support. Your advice, including the place for meal, is helpful.

I plan to use JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass which covers JR Bus between Nasu-Shiobara station and Shiobara onsen for this trip.
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