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Translating an inquiry into Japanese 2019/12/15 02:40
I wrote the inquiry in English but not sure how to translate it into Japanese since I noticed there are a formal and informal way to write a sentence in Japanese...

I recalled there was a page for Font Elements CD which was purchasable at some point. Wondering if they are still available to purchase the font packages digitally?
by Mark (guest)  

Re: Translating an inquiry into Japanese 2019/12/18 22:32
I notice that no one is responding to your question, and that is probably because no one understands it. At least I don't. Could you perhaps rewrite it in plain English that even a child can understand? And do you want the formal way or informal way? What is the purpose of your question, and who is asking it to whom? That sort of information would help the translator to decide the style of the speech.
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Re: Translating an inquiry into Japanese 2019/12/21 20:02
Hi Uco,

Apologize for the confusion...
I am actually trying to want to ask the person if the font pack is still available for purchase digitally.
And how should I write about it in a formal way?

Thanks again
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