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Kitakyushu to Himeji via San-in Line 2019/12/15 16:57
I am planning a trip along the Sea of Japan coastline from Kitakyushu to Tottori and then down to Himeji. Its very difficult to find information about an itinerary for the San-In Line from Kyushu. Google Maps doesn't even want me to go on it! I have train enthusiast children so we are fine with the slower speeds of these trains. I wondered if someone could help me with the time scheduling I've put together to see if its reasonable for four days? I understand they are not as regular as the more popular lines in Japan?

Day 1: Kitakyushu -> Nagato -> Hagi -> Masuda
Day 2: Masuda -> Hamada -> Gotsu -> Oda -> Izumo -> Matsue
Day 3: Matsue -> Tottori
Day 4: Tottori -> Himeji to join the Shinkansen

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Kitakyushu to Himeji via San-in Line 2019/12/15 18:11
Google Maps is not very flexible. Use Hyperdia or Jorudan for example.
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Re: Kitakyushu to Himeji via San-in Line 2019/12/15 22:16
I think you need to play around with Hyperdia, which is much more precise for that. But note it is very precise for station names, so make sure to get them right.

Here link to your first leg:
Enjoy your time in Japan!
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