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Marrying a Japanese National as an Australian 2019/12/15 18:58
Hi All,

My wife and I have just recently been married and we are going to apply for our Marriage visa in Japan, Im currently in the country on a working holiday visa (Im an Australian Citizen), we were wondering if we should pay 85,000yen for an immigration lawyer to do it for us or if we should try and do it ourselves, if anyone has done the Marriage visa themselves or knows the process was it difficult to do?


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Re: Marrying a Japanese National as an Australian 2019/12/16 08:26
Don't waste money on lawyer it's very easy and straight forward process just you have to visit city hall and immigration first go to city hall and ask what's is the requirements for you to get married and if you already married and have marriage acceptance certificate from city hall then go to the immigration and ask the requirements just prepared all the required documents and apply for change of status and wait for two to three months me myself and my brother we both are married and we apply by ourselves and got approved
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Re: Marrying a Japanese National as an Australian 2019/12/16 09:55
Congratulations. You are in Japan and you got married in Japan (according to the Japanese law)? I would say you can do the application yourself, provided you have all the documents or you can put them together by yourselves.

And if you ARE in Japan, please do not say gvisah – you currently have a working holiday resident status, which you want to change to gspouse of Japanese nationalh resident status (visa is for entering the country, and once you are in Japan, you have a gresident statush). Please look into the procedure for gapplication for change of resident status.h

The papers you need are generally: proof that you are married (so your Japanese wifefs gkosekih with the fact of her marriage to you stated in it), her guarantor letter, and papers certifying to her past year tax statement (to ensure that the two of you can make a living). But please look at immigration authoritiesf website to ensure the details.

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Re: Marrying a Japanese National as an Australian 2019/12/16 10:19
The only concern I see is that since working holiday visa is seen as something special, once-in-a-lifetime thing, and immigration "tends to" want people on it to return to their country once, before they go for (for example) work visa sponsored by employers. Soc you might want to ask an immigration lawyer if it is possible to make the change in resident status while staying in Japan. (It should be, though, considering that it is going to be a family/relationship based one.)
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