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Can you be a virtual assistant in Japan? 2019/12/16 01:20
Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone can get a visa to live in Japan as a virtual assistant? Ifve been always wanting to live in Japan but itfs hard since I donft have a bachelors Degree to get into a job that seems interesting to me. I have Autism (anxiety and sometimes social cues part is what I struggle with) as well so itfs pretty hard figuring all this out by myself.
If you guys can help me out I would very much appreciate it! Thanks!
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Re: Can you be a virtual assistant in Japan? 2019/12/16 10:09
Basically any type of visa or resident status is typically only granted if the applicant needs to be physically located in Japan to function as an employee. Virtual assistants can generally operate anywhere with an internet connection. So it doesn't seem at all likely that this would be a realistic option.
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