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MEXT advice 2019/12/16 14:21
Hi, i wish to apply for the MEXT Scholarship for graduate programs. If any current student of MEXT can give me some advice on the living expenses and how much money should i have apart from the scholarship.
Also i have a 3.54 gpa, can anyone tell me what are my chances of getting this scholarship? I am planning to apply in either game studies or architectural design studies
Thank you
by Naba (guest)  

Re: MEXT advice 2020/3/26 01:19
Might be a little late, but from what people that got it told me, the money they give you is more than engough, especially if you don't stay in Tokyo, if you do it gets a little tight but is still ok. The embassy recomends you to take at leats 2000$, because once you get there you have to open a bank account in order for them to give you the money, and takes like a month.
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