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Work experience in market research in Japan? 2019/12/16 20:00
Hi! I will be coming to Japan for a working holiday and I'm curious to know if someone had any experience working for a market research company in Japan or know of someone who had this experience?
I know this industry tends to be hard to integrate as a foreigner but as I have experience working in this industry in the UK, I wanted to know if I ever had a chance in Japan. But I couldn't find any information about that. Anyone?

Thanks for your reply in advance!
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Re: Work experience in market research in Japan? 2019/12/17 08:45
How is your Japanese? I mean, as far as I know market research, it is about speaking with potential customers or simply with the "average" person and asking a lot of questions, right?
Or are you thinking of something that involves mainly English? (Or are you maybe fluid in Japanese?)
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Re: Work experience in market research in Japan? 2019/12/17 08:52
You can not just compare your experience in the UK and utilize it in Japan.
Are you looking for marketing company for the domestic market, or international market.
Also since you have a holiday visa (which main purpose is not working,) you can find it difficult to find a company to enter unless you have connections. Because you are just staying for a short term period.

Most companies here in Japan have a learning period of 3 months (case by case) before you really can enroll the company.
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Re: Work experience in market research in Japan? 2019/12/17 15:48
All the market research companies (and industry-adjacent companies) I've worked with have loved having foreign interns, so that's one approach if you're willing to work as an intern. I've also met marketing-focused interns at some international companies, so if there are particular industries you're interested in, that might be another place to look.

Obviously some Japanese knowledge is helpful, but it's not a deal-breaker if you don't speak Japanese as long as you have some interesting experience in a particular industry.
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Re: Work experience in market research in Japan? 2019/12/19 20:33
Hi all, thank you for your responses!
To reply, I do have some Japanese knowledge as I possess a master in Japanese studies, but I'm definitely not fluent. I know I cannot compare my experience in the UK with Japan, but because I have thise background I wanted to investigate if that can help in Japan. And FYI I'm also fluent in French so I hope this can also help.
I'm also more interested in international companies than Japanese companies. I know having this visa is an obstacle to find a more qualified job I would said, but I also know it's not impossible as I have a year which looks like a descent amount of time.
The idea of starting off as an intern is actually quite an appealing idea. I didn't think of that, thank you! I will look into that.
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