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Concert tickets Pia for MCR 2019/12/16 22:15
Hi guys, I don't know what to do.
I'm in a lottery for MCR concert pre-tickets in Live Nation Japan by PIA and the results will be tomorrow at 18 hrs (Japan hour). The thing is that, the card I used to participate wasn't activated for internet payment and PIA wanted to do some charge (before the lottery) to it and went failure.
What should I do? Participate again? Just wait?
Thank you.
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Re: Concert tickets PIA.jp for MCR 2019/12/17 09:31
PIA charges for full amount of the ticket(s) upon announcing the results that you were selected in the lottery – that has been my experience – maybe they charged a dollar amount to see if the card was good?

If you received any message so far, do they say something about having an alternative way to pay?
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Re: Concert tickets PIA.jp for MCR 2019/12/17 09:53
It was weird, because the amount was exactly the total ticket price plus the extra fee... and then the message says the charge was canceled. I'm hoping this was just a mistake or what you said, maybe they were checking out if the card was functioning.
Thank you for answer me :) I will tell you what happens tomorrow !
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Re: Concert tickets Pia for MCR 2019/12/17 17:07
I launched an inquiry to PIA (assuming it was PIA itself) about this case, just mentioning I got a question from a non-Japanese acquaintance – and they answered back that the credit card registered for payment must be a card issued in Japan (by a Japanese issuer); I donft know if you live in Japan and used a credit card issued in Japan.

And they charge the full amount to the card the moment the applicant is selected in an lottery, and if the payment cannot be completed, the applicant will not get the tickets.

So if this was the problem, and if you are still able to participate in the lottery (I donft know when the closing is), you should cancel once, register another (Japan-issued) credit card, and re-apply.

But I missed the point that it was not PIA itself but somewhere else – I have never used Live Nation Japan – so it could be different. Best wishes.
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Re: Concert tickets Pia for MCR 2019/12/20 11:13
Thank you very much for your interest in my case and for ask to PIA itself ! :D
I'm not in Japan nor japanese, so I suppose that was the problem... I'm going to travel there, and in the lottery instructions didn't say it was a problem for being foreigner to buy the tickets because of the credit cards.
Sadly the lottery was finished 3 days ago :( I'll try to buy the tickets in general sale whit a local credit card.

Thank you very much, I really appreciated your answer :) !!
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