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Kyoto and Nara Visit 2019/12/18 09:05

We are visiting tokyo this weekend and planning to stay in Osoko and from there we are planning to travel to Kyoto , Nara , Kobe and Hiroshima. We got places shortlisted that we want to visit in each location but we are not sure which location to start from and what transportation mode to use?
We have taken JR pass and PASSMO card with prepaid top up of 2500 yen.

please if somone could guide on the above as we are travelling with 2 children so want the trip to be amazing.

thank you
by Zubi (guest)  

Re: Kyoto and Nara Visit 2019/12/18 11:28
Impossible to tell you where to start in each location without knowing what you want to see there.

JR Passes will get you to all of those locations. For transport information, check the "Access and Orientation" section for each location on this website - very informative.
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Re: Kyoto and Nara Visit 2019/12/18 12:51
Start at locations closest or furtherest from the teain stations. Or opposite.

Not rocket science...
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