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Spouse visa 1st renewal 2019/12/18 16:52
I got spouse visa for 1 year for the first time. We got married in my country then i came to japan with visit visa then i have changed my visa status to spouse of Japanese. I got 1 year. Soon i need to renew my visa. Can i get 3 or 5 year. Or same same before 1 year. I am doing part time job only right now but i have shakai hoken as well.
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Re: Spouse visa 1st renewal 2019/12/19 11:12
You apply and they decide if you get 1yr 3yr.

Most likely you'll get 1yr again.
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Re: Spouse visa 1st renewal 2019/12/19 13:40
Now a days 1 +1+ 1+ 1+1+3 year pattern is usual. Most of my friends is getting one year only for five times. Immigration check the stability and reality of marriage.
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