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Visiting Tokyo during New Year 2019/12/18 20:36
Hi All,
We will be in Tokyo on 30th Dec - 2nd Jan. On the 30th we will be in Asakusa for kimono hire. I look around websites and many said that lots of stores & restaurants are closed.
Anyone can suggest places to visit that are open? We also want to eat Kobe beef if any restaurant open?
Thank you.
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Re: Visiting Tokyo during New Year 2019/12/19 13:54
Did you read the New Year's section on this website? It's very informative and even has a sample list of places open/closed over the holiday period in Tokyo.

As a general rule of thumb, religious sites and some big shopping centres will be open, most other stuff closed.
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Re: Visiting Tokyo during New Year 2019/12/23 05:35
Went to Meiji Shrine on New Years day once. It was an experience: "Traffic" lights are installed on the shrine paths to control the flow of people, not cars. The air at the shrine was filled with flying coins so thick they looked like a one way insect swarm. But once was enough. A hot spring reservation in the mountains somewhere makes for a good 1 January as you're there to soak and relax and that's all you expect.
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