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Transfer money from Japan 2019/12/18 22:09

I lived and worked in Japan for more than a year. I now need to transfer my money back to Germany. Direct deposit between banks is very expensive but there are several options to transfer money much cheaper. All I checked require me to send the money to, e.g. UK, from where they send it to Germany minus some fee.

The problem is that my bank in Japan (Shinsei bank) recently stopped allowing transfers to abroad. One has to apply for a different account within the same bank which takes up to 2 months and one needs to be a resident. So I can only do domestic transfers.

Does anyone know of a (cheap) transfer service that allows the money to be transferred to a Japanese account ?

Thank you
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Re: Transfer money from Japan 2019/12/19 16:08
I have used Transferwise a few time. With them you transfer the money to an account in Japan and then they transfer it to your German account. Exchange rate is also quite good.
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Re: Transfer money from Japan 2019/12/19 20:31

vielen Dank für die Info. Das ist bisher auch das einzige, was ich gefunden habe. Allerdings lohnt sich Transferwise meiner Meinung nach nur für kleinere Beträge. Für größere Beträge (> 10.000 € oder so) wird es schnell wesentlich teurer als andere Dienste. Außerdem ist der maximale Betrag für japan auf deren website nur 1.000.000 JPY...

Trotzdem vielen Dank, auf jeden Fall ein guter Tipp. Ich hoffe es gibt noch andere Lösungen.
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Re: Transfer money from Japan 2019/12/19 20:33
Shinsei has some issues, but they recently changed their processes - but they still do international transfers.
Many third party transfer services.
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Re: Transfer money from Japan 2019/12/19 21:23
yes, they are still doing.
I think that the financial division of the government orders them to improve their money transfers, probably because there have been a lot of suspicious transfers in Shinsei bank.
by the way, Shinsei is a second (or third) class bank and not reliable, although foreigners in this forum recommend it.
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Re: Transfer money from Japan 2019/12/19 23:05
Haha, I accidentally replied in German and did not even notice. Sorry for that. Here is the English version:

I also found the option of using Transferwise. For larger sums exceeding €10000 or so, the service is actually not very cheap. There are plenty of otherservices offering cheaper rates but as far as I checked with them, one needs to transfer the money to a JPY account abroad. Furthermore, Transferwise only allows transfers of max. 1Mio JPY. Not sure why.

Regarding Shinsei bank:
I sent them an email and they replied that transfers abroad can only be done using their 'GoRemit'. They also said that application for this can take 1-2 months and one needs to be a resident etc.
I think this is ridiculous. I simply want to trnsfer money to an account abroad and seem not to be able to do it.
Any thought ot infos on that?

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