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Kumano in 2 days 2019/12/19 09:06
My idea is to depart early from Osaka to Kii Katsura and from there to Nachi Taisha. Is it very big place to visit Nachi Taisha and the waterfall? After that go to Yunomine Onsen to sleep and soak into 1 onsen. Day 1 finished.

Day 2 visit Hongu and not much to do, any idea? and I don't know if I should overnight or go back to Osaka at afternoon, what do you think?

Is it too much short time for this brief trip to Kumano?

As for bus, I've heard there's something like a 3 day bus ticket?
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Re: Kumano in 2 days 2019/12/19 19:02
Have you had a look at the Kumano Travel website? It is excellent. There are itineraries, maps, etc. http://www.tb-kumano.jp/en/transport/

Day 1 will be busy but doable. I suggest for day 2, you walk the Kumano Kodo to Hongu on the Dainichi-goe section http://www.tb-kumano.jp/en/kumano-kodo/nakahechi/dainichi-goe/
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Re: Kumano in 2 days 2019/12/20 19:15
11210 yen=5 Day unlimited travel by ise,kumano,Wakayama area tourist
pass cover Osaka,Kansai airport, kumano,kii katsuura unlimited travel
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Re: Kumano in 2 days 2019/12/21 18:45
You can buy kumano kotsu unlimited bus pass 3 day=3000 yen
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Re: Kumano in 2 days 2020/1/3 07:10
I think it is very tight. The first train ride from Shin-Osaka station is four hours long, and arrives around 11:30. Secure your luggage at the station or bus terminal, and visit the Nachi shrine and falls will be 3-5hours. There are lots of steps from the base of the falls, to the shrine. You can then head inland, but I would suggest staying in Katsurra at one the Onsens there. When I go, I stay at the hotel Urashima, enjoy the sea cave hot springs, and the buffet dinner, which usually includes a sushi carving demonstration (ask at the desk). You could then get a three day bus pass, and head inland.

Two nights at Yunomine Onsen, walking the Kumamoto trails, makes a lot more sense to me, using all three days of the three day bus pass.

I also think a day in Shirahama, before heading out of the Kii peninsula is worthwhile... or.... on the way in. Should you travel from Osaka to Shirahama, a hot springs beach resort, the day before you head to Kumano area, you are a lot closer. The train trip from Shirahama to Kiikatsurra is only two hours, and will allow you to visit Nachi Shrine and Falls, before heading inland to Yunomine Onsen on the first day. This is far more relaxed.

Good Luck, in planning your vacation.
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Re: Kumano in 2 days 2020/2/7 09:47
Hello people recovering this thread, talked with a friend who did Kumano before and she recommended me 2 nights there in Yunomine Onsen, so what schedule do you recommend me? I will depart from Osaka.

Maybe first day start with Nachi and then go to Yunomine? And how about the other 2 days? I am kinda lost actually.

Thank you
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Re: Kumano in 2 days 2020/2/7 10:44
Just searched and I saw it might be doable in 2 days.

So from Osaka the earliest route to Kii katsura station arrives at 11:33 then the next bus is at 12:10 arriving Daimonzaka at 12:29. So visit that and the last bus to Yunomine Onsen departs 17:16 arriving Yunomine at 19:24


Then second day get up and hike to Hongu and come back to Osaka.

What do you think?
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