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Staying beside train tracks 2019/12/22 14:21
Hi guys, I will be moving to a new place in Tokyo soon and it is right beside the train tracks. My only concern is will the train noise be too loud and noisy? Anyone has any personal experience with staying near train tracks? Thank you
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Re: Staying beside train tracks 2019/12/22 17:23
Some rails are "gap-less" and hardly make a sound, except perhaps for wind noise. The only way to find out is to go see and hear for yourself. Insulation and insulating windows help to dampen the noise, so go inside the room to judge. I have stayed in a hotel next to tracks and was impressed by how well insulation worked at that hotel.
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Re: Staying beside train tracks 2019/12/22 17:32
It really does "depend" on the property and also the tracks/trains (things like number of tracks/number of trains. I hear the trains from my apartment, but I'm not close to tracks, but some of the places I stay around Japan can be noisier than others (freight trains at night can be bothersome if you are right next to them.)
I did live next to an airport for a few years, that tended to be noisy.
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Re: Staying beside train tracks 2019/12/22 18:30
I agree with PPs. Check out the apartment before renting it to see if it is too noisy for you.

The other question is also:
- is there a gated passage closeby? If yes be prepared for the ringing noise every time the gate closes and opens.
- is it a track on which also at night trains will pass? ( eg on some JR tracks fright trains are passing also at night) while on subway or private railway tracks normally at night after the last train it will simply not be used until early next morning
- do you want to sleep with an open window?

Enjoy your life in Tokyo!
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