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Best way to get from NRT to Asakusa/Kuramae 2019/12/22 15:52
Will arrive at Narita Terminal 8pm on a weekday. Need to get to my place at Kuramae. Its near Kuramae station and kind of near Asakusa Tobu Station so neither stops are okay (would be better if Kuramae though)

I've done my research but I've come down to two equally good options so its hard for me to decide which to take. The Skyliner and the Keisei Access Express.

Think my main deciding factor now is the time but adding it all up, both trains take the same time.

Skyliner is 40 mins to Ueno but i have to take another train to Kuramae which is 17mins. Plus the time of waiting so thats around the same time of arrival with Access Express cause they directly stop to Asakusa.

Im tempted on the cheaper access express but if it takes a LOT longer than skyliner then i wont do it. I just hate how Skyliner doesnt stop near my place.

What do you guys think?
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Re: Best way to get from NRT to Asakusa/Kuramae 2019/12/23 04:30
Where exactly is your destination?
Do you know the 7-digit postal code (111-xxxx) for that place?

Toei Subway Kuramae Station (E-11, A-17)
is separated into two parts depending on lines.
If the Oedo Line (E-11) is closer but you choose the Asakusa Line (A-17),
that may add some hundred meters to walk.

You cannot reserve your seat
in a Keisei - Toei Subway through train,
which continues beyond Oshiage onto the Asakusa Line.
When your train gets to Oshiage Station,
Keisei clues get off and Toei Subway clues get on.

Some trains on the Asakusa Line skip Kuramae Station.
I recommend you ask the Toei Subway train conductor,
who is on the rear end of the train,
whether the train makes a stop at Kuramae.

You should reserve your seat
in a Keisei Skyliner train,
which goes to Keisei Ueno Station.

Keisei Ueno Station
| [Walking via the underground passage]
Ueno Station (G-16) of Ginza Line: Track 1
| [Tokyo Metro Ginza Line]
(G-15) Ueno-hirokoji Station
: Car No. 2 (the second from the train's head)
is close to the ticket gate.
| [Walking outside the ticket gates]
Ueno-okachimachi Station (E-09): Track 2
| [Toei Subway Oedo Line]
(E-11) Kuramae Station.

Logically you can walk from Keisei Ueno Station,
following signs for the Oedo Line,
to Ueno-okachimachi Station (E-09);
however, I do not recommend that,
unless you already know well the route.
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Re: Best way to get from NRT to Asakusa/Kuramae 2019/12/23 08:04
If you want quick and simple and don't mind spending a little extra, I'd do the Skyliner to Ueno and then just take a taxi to your hotel from there. Quick and comfortable and the taxi driver will find your hotel for you. Taxi should be under 1500 yen shared.

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Re: Best way to get from NRT to Asakusa/Kuramae 2019/12/23 08:54
Last time I took guests to their hotel in Asakusa (similar timing) we did Skyliner to Ueno and taxi. After a long flight (from the US) and the hassle of changing train stations and then a walk to the hotel the taxi option was far superior and saved both time and considerable effort for the guests late in the evening.
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Re: Best way to get from NRT to Asakusa/Kuramae 2019/12/23 22:18
OP here

Destination is at Nui Hostel in Kuramae. Its pretty close too to Toei Asakusa station (the oedo one I think).

I read somewhere that the Access Express stops at Asakusa Station Oedo Line which is just a 6-min walk from my hostel. So i thought thats perfect. No need to transfer. But I heard the last train is only at around 5pm?

I think the taxi option is not for me since its a bit expensive :( I really wanna do skyliner cause of the spacious train and also the discount for metro pass. But Ueno is just out of my way plus it defeats the purpose of the 40min ride if i have to take another train.

What do you guys think?

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