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Sumiyoshi Taisha NYE Countdown and Hatsumode 2019/12/23 20:39
Hi. Visiting first time to Osaka this week. We are planning to countdown to New Year and Hatsumode at Sumiyo Taisha and have some questions wrt public transport. We are staying near Umeda.

From Hyperdia, there does not seem to have info on extended train hours. Where can we find this info? Cant seem to find any info on Osaka Metro and Hankai tram sites.

It seems Sumiyotaishitorimae is nearer to the shrine Sumiyo Taisha, as compared to Sumiyotaisha station? What would be the recommended route?

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Re: Sumiyoshi Taisha NYE Countdown and Hatsumode 2019/12/25 15:27
Open PDF, Osaka Metro and Nankai.

Tram route(transfer at Tennoji) is the easiest way to transfer,
but Midosuji line(subway) and Nankai main line(transfer at Namba) route is the best
bc passengers that can be carried by single car is very small.
Operating after 24:00 is approximately every 15 mins, no worry.

The ticket vending machine area is very crowded usual,
so you should buy a IC card ticket(ICOCA) earlier at ticket vending machine.

Osaka Metro (Midosuji line and more) : 大阪メトロ
Midosuji line : 御堂筋線(midosuji-sen)
Nankai main line : 南海本線(Nankai Hon-sen)
Umeda stn : 梅田駅(Umeda-eki)
Namba stn(Osaka Metro) : なんば駅(Namba-eki, using hiragana)
Namba stn(Nankai) : 難波駅(Namba-eki, using kanji)
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