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Can you cancel a COE for a new one? 2019/12/25 23:34

I want to teach in japan.

My question is, if I cancel a COE can I get another one after?

I am talking to one company right now about teaching, but (for reasons I wont list) I dont want to work for them. The thing is, they already started the COE application process a bit ago.

I still want to teach in Japan, but I hear there might be issues if I walk away from the first company?

What would happen if I cancel my COE with them? Would the other companies see that and just not want to hire me? Would I even be able to apply somewhere else?

Thank you!

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Re: Can you cancel a COE for a new one? 2019/12/26 10:18
That is how it should proceed.
Not recommended for two COE process at the same time with immigration.

You should inform the company to cancel the COE process since they are the one who make the application.

You don't want two COE being process under your name as the same time as this may create problem with immigration.

What may happen:
The other company won't know about your previous COE application unless the previous COE is still exist/in process.Then, immigration may inform the new company about pending COE BUT won't provide the details.

So get the previous one cancel before start process the new one.
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Re: Can you cancel a COE for a new one? 2019/12/26 10:40
As far as I know, in terms of immigration authorities, if you get more than one CoE applications going at the same time, that would be a big issue; obviously you cannot work for two companies during an overlapping period. So if you are not going to work for the first company, please tell them immediately, so that they can withdraw the application.

But if theyfve already started the CoE process, does that mean they made you an official offer and you said yes to it? (Now the rest is rather an ethical issue, not a legal/immigration rule issue, so I will not touch on that.)

Now if you find another candidate employer, they make you an offer and you agree to it, that would be just starting from zero, no issue. If the second one ghappens toh find out from the immigration authorities that there was a recent application, and they ask you about it, you just tell them the reason.

This is from past threads:

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Re: Can you cancel a COE for a new one? 2019/12/26 10:46
I got kind of a 'preoffer' from the first company. They said basically that they were interested and that they wanted to have me interview with other branches to try to find a place for me if they can and it is my understanding that the official offer will come from the branch that likes me. I have not signed a contract with them or anything like that though.
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Re: Can you cancel a COE for a new one? 2019/12/26 10:51
And they started the CoE application process already? It sounds a bit like their tactics to keep you, so that you wonft go to another potential employerc
Not signing any contract yet but proceeding with the CoE application happens, particularly if the recruitment is done remotely, but just expressing interest and starting CoE application sounds a bit premature on the side of the employerc I hope things work out well for you!
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