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About tourist visa 2019/12/27 05:30

I live in japan for almost 20years now and I'm a japanese citizen (35years old), I have 1 brother in philippines(28years old) who wants to live with me and work here in japan.
I forgot to mention both of us is half japanese , Our father is a japanese but he's not here anymore.
Is it possible for me to bring my brother here in japan as guarantor so he can work here with me?

If yes, what are the procedure to do please?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: About tourist visa 2019/12/27 09:30
That's not a question about a tourist visa like your title says...

You should contact the Japanese embassy in the Philippines to ask. They can provide the official answer.
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Re: About tourist visa 2019/12/27 11:08
most of information from foreign languages are from their personal experiences, and some are not true. since you are a Japanese, you can get more information from official sites in Japanese language.
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Re: About tourist visa 2019/12/27 12:29
You can be a guarantor/sponsor for your brother for tourist/temporary visitor visa.

For working, your brother need to go through the normal 'working' visa procedure, i.e. need to have job offer, company sponsor etc.

Maybe your brother should look into Long Term Resident visa (persons with Japanese ancestry)

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