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I am HbsAg +ve 2019/12/27 10:08
I had been tsted as HbsAg +ve quite a few years ago, in terms of my health I don't have any issues at all. So my question is can I apply for a work visa for Japan or South korea? Will they consider my application for job? Will it be acceptable?
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Re: I am HbsAg +ve 2019/12/27 20:21
Consult Japanese embassy of your home country.
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Re: I am HbsAg +ve 2019/12/28 17:29
So you are a type B hepatitis carrier, is what I read. This would be at the time of finding employment, not for visa.
There have been stories of people in Japan who sought jobs in medical field (hospitals and nursing homes) who were declined upon later disclosing that they are carriers, or upon the employerfs mandatory health check-up (if the job position requires it) revealing the fact; some of those were considered discrimination due to the ignorance of those hiring. But unless you are going to seek employment in these lines of occupations, it should not even become an issue at all, in the sense that they would not even ask you.
For peace of mind, check with your doctor to get an updated diagnosis and see if you can get a paper certifying that you are an inactive carrier and are fit to engage in work as there is no risk of infection through the normal daily routine of work, etc. (that is what seems to be suggested by some patient/carrier groups, in case they bump into employment issues).
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