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Taking Japanese entrance exams as a Nikkei 2019/12/28 06:18
Good day everyone,
I am a highschool student in New Zealand. I am a Japanese citizen and am fluent in Japanese. My question is whether it would be possible to take the ƒZƒ“ƒ^[ŽŽŒ± and subsequently the “Œ‹ž‘εŠw entrance examination. I ask this question for the simple reason that my highschool transcript is not the best and upon reading conditions for the special entrance for Japanese students educated abroad I realised that my grades would most likely prevent my acceptance. Ultimately I am asking to be treated as a regular Japanese student and as such, to be judged on the previously mentioned exams and not on my GPA. As far as my academic competence goes, I am fluent in both Japanese and English and have been a finalist in my countries Math olympiad. I only mention this so that those of you kind enough to consider my question will not think I am a disillusioned child. I have been working over this summer and have saved enough for flights to Japan in the case that I can take these examinations. I thank you for reading this and hope you have a happy New year.

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Re: Taking Japanese entrance exams as a Nikkei 2019/12/28 12:20
In Japan, the results of the entrance exams pretty much determine the outcome, rather than the results from your high school. Just check for eligibility – like which year and month you will graduate from your senior high school, and whether the certificate of completion from your school will be accepted in Japan.

But do you realize the closing for application for next yearfs examination. The exams themselves are on Jan. 18th and 19th, 2020, but the application period was from Sept. 30th till Oct. 10th, 2019.
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Re: Taking Japanese entrance exams as a Nikkei 2019/12/28 12:38
Thank you very much for your answer. Let me clarify my situation; next year will be my final year at school so I hope I still have plenty of time. I will also have received a highschool graduation certificate by this time. I have read the “Œ‘ε admission procedure for Japanese nationals educated abroad and there is a special screening process where they will look at my highschool grades. My question is whether I can bypass this by going to Japan and taking the center exam independantly and using that as my gateway into sitting the “Œ‘ε“όŠwŽŽŒ±.
So rather than going the route for those educated abroad (document screening - > entrance exam) I would rather go the conventional Japanese student path ( center exam - > entrance exam)

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Taking Japanese entrance exams as a Nikkei 2019/12/28 20:29
since you want to have an answer only for your question, my answer is "yes, you can."
but, you should know that you are expected to have the average score of ƒZƒ“ƒ^[ŽŽŒ± of 90 %.
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