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How can I translate my Chinese name? 2019/12/31 09:11
My Chinese name is written, 蔡俊傑 and I am not sure which readings I should be using to translate it into Japanese. Thank you for the help in advance. :)
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Re: How can I translate my Chinese name? 2020/1/1 00:19
Just use the chinese reading/pronounciation and be done with it.
Cài jùnjié
チャイ/カイ・ ジュンジエ

Why do you care it to be in Japanese reading/pronounciation?
It just going to make your name sound weird.
Just like when chinese pronounce japanese name in chinese reading.

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Re: How can I translate my Chinese name? 2020/1/1 01:34
You have options.

俊傑 has the same meaning in Japanese as in Chinese, and it reads しゅんけつ. So, one option is to go with that existing word pronunciation. If you choose that option, you may want to continue for consistency pronounce 蔡 as さい, the 音読み pronunciation of 蔡. Combined, it reads さい・しゅんけつ, which, in my personal opinion, has nice sounding ring to it.

If you want to sound closer to the Mandarin pronunciation, 蔡 would be written ツァイ in katakana.

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