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Receipts in passport not collected by officer 2020/1/1 16:23
My friend bought some items in Japan where there is tax refund for the items bought. The cashier attached the receipts (using some sort of cellophane tape) to the pages inside the passport.

So, my friend has some receipts attached to his passport after returning from Japan, where the receipts are not collected by the immigration officer.

I thought the immigration officer is supposed to collect back the receipts?

What to do with those receipts now? Can it be thrown away? Or should the receipts remain in the passport?
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Re: Receipts in passport not collected by officer 2020/1/1 19:08
I had the same question recently. The receipt wasnft attached to the passport, but I remembered from previous VAT free purchases that I needed to go to an office at the airport to get the VAT.
So I asked at the information desk in Narita and they told me that I already in the shop (apple) hadnft paid the VAT and that I should just give them the receipt. What I did

I strongly suspect that only few people hand in the receipt from the passport because nothing happens if you donft. You didnft pay the VAT, you are outside of Japan with the item you bought. So really with the receipts the collect at Narita information desk, they can do very little.

So it should be all okay to remove the receipt carefully from the passport.
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Re: Receipts in passport not collected by officer 2020/1/4 15:27
I have purchased goods free of GST/VAT on many of my trips to Japan. In earlier days, the customs never took any notice of the documentation attached in my passport. I removed it in flight and put it in my wallet.. throwing it away after some time at home.
However, after my recent visit in October, there was a desk with two staff just before queuing for the customs at Narita Airport and they had a sign saying duty free sales documentation, and they took all the paperwork. Maybe they were doing a survey of how many people are buying dutyfree at retail stores. I don't know, but its obvious they are not really important to keep. On that note, there were so many more opportunities to purchase VAT free, most department stores have counters just for this purpose. Maybe with Rugby World Cup and now Olympics, the number of tourists are very high, and its being made easier to purchase this way.
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