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Transportation within Osaka 2020/1/1 16:43

I will be in Osaka for 2 days and would like to know what is the best card/pass to travel within the city area. Should I get a multiple ride card, a one day ticket ECO card or the ICOCA IC card.?
For the ICOCA IC card, do I need to pay for every individual ride?
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Re: Transportation within Osaka 2020/1/1 17:13
My Japanese Friend recommend me to buy surutto kansai pass.I also found Foreign visitors are 100% satisfied with this pass for permitted unlimited travel for 2/3 Days.
However my personal opinion is to buy prepaid card.
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Re: Transportation within Osaka 2020/1/2 00:39
Without knowing where you are staying and what you want to see.

Any kind of day pass is only going to pay off if you use enough of that specific mode of transport during the validity period.

While an ICOCA IC card you can use in many other places in Japan as well, but doesnft give you any discount. Just the convenience that you donft need to ni each single paper ticket.

If an IC card is a good investment or not also depends on how often you are going to use it during your stay in Japan. Does it pay off compared to the hassle of some individual tickets.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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