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Suggest English speaking gynae in Yokohama 2020/1/2 17:30
I am in search of good gynaecological clinic in Yokohama. I need English as a conversation level as I do not know Japanese.

I know Bluff clinic in Yokohama where English support/consultation available but as I read the review I found behaviour is rude.

I need a kind and knowledgeable gynaecologist in Yokohama or near Yokohama.
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Re: Suggest English speaking gynae in Yokohama 2020/1/2 22:22
While waiting for other to answer...

You might try checking out the above link for list of hospital with English support.

or contact them for information/support.
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Re: Suggest English speaking gynae in Yokohama 2020/1/2 22:58
I used the Bluff Clinic twice during a 3 month stay in 2018, and found it good. The doctor is knowledgeable and speaks perfect english. Both consultations with the doctor were very business-like and fairly brief, but comprehensive, and certainly not rude. The staff also speak very good english and are just lovely, they fitted me in when I was very sick and looked after me well. They even supplied the medicine I needed (and gave me a dose before I left) so I didn't have to find a pharmacy and get the script filled.

Not sure what you mean by 'kind', but I think Japanese doctors generally are a little more paternalistic and perhaps less warm than I'm used to: my Australian doctor friends who are familiar with the Japanese system, and other Australians who have lived in Japan, note that it's a very different system and doctors aren't trained in bedside manner to the extent many Australian doctors are.

For myself, I want an expert clinician first and foremost. I don't know if the doctor at The Bluff is an expert in what you're looking for, but I found the clinic very good and would use them again and recommend them to others.
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