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Kumano Kodo Print Resources 2020/1/3 00:11
My family and I will be traveling to Japan in June and spending a few days hiking the Kumano Kodo. I was curious as to whether any of you found it beneficial to purchase Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Pack (https://www.kumano-travel.com/en/travel-services/tanabe-city-kumano-to...) or whether other books/free resources were sufficient for your planning?
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Re: Kumano Kodo Print Resources 2020/1/3 11:47

Lots of free information you are able to get from the internet ( that was what we did). However, many would also like to have hard copy/ more comprehensive information; Pilgrim Pack would be perfect for those people.
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Re: Kumano Kodo Print Resources 2020/1/4 15:14
I was writing an article about the trip so I found the pack to be helpful during writing process. As for planning process, there are wonderful online sources out there. As for my own contribution: https://bizarrejourneys.com/walking-kumano-kodo/
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Re: Kumano Kodo Print Resources 2020/1/9 21:39
I found the pilgrim pack to be an excellent resource and souvenir as the pictures were wonderful. It has everything in one place. Maybe it is my age, but when I am out in nature I always like to have a hard copy of maps and materials as digital information can be lost easily if the device gets broken. I also found that the pack was available onsite at the KUMANO TRAVEL Travel Support Center in front of the Kii-Tanabe station. This is the traditional gateway to the Kumano Kodo, so for those who do not want to order it in advance like I did, you can still buy it when you get there.

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