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What are school options in Tokyo? 2020/1/3 02:08

A company is asking me to move to Japan to take a job, however I have 3 kids, 9, 10 and 12 year old.

One is grade8, one grade6 and the other grade5 in Canada currently.

What are the school option, as they only speak english and french currently.

Thank you.
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Re: What are school options in Tokyo? 2020/1/3 09:58
Who will pay for your children education? Company or you? Are you on expat package?
Either you go for public Japanese school (everything Japanese) or International school (English, French etc.. which going to cost you a lot of yennies) .
Do a google search on place where you going to stay and search for available surrounding schools.

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Re: What are school options in Tokyo? 2020/1/3 12:20
Additional info..

Apparently there is a Canadian International school in Tokyo.
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Re: What are school options in Tokyo? 2020/1/3 15:01
I have lived in Japan for many years before I had my 2 kids. Moved to US primarily due to high cost of international schools. It costs around USD 2000 per month per child just for tuition

Either ask the company to pay for the school education or pass the offer
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Re: What are school options in Tokyo? 2020/1/3 15:12
Tuition payments at an international school are a standard part of an expat package. If the company is offering an expat package, then you're all set - just check the details to see if there are any limits. If not, but they're offering a very large salary, then just do the math yourself and see if it's worth it - check online to see the prices at schools like ASIJ (American School in Japan) and St. Mary's. (Hint - they're quite expensive.)
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Re: What are school options in Tokyo? 2020/1/3 18:40
I used to be a teacher at an international school near Tokyo. In general - if you don't get tuition included in your package (not out of your wage), then I would not even consider the job unless you are looking at a position of 350,000 USD +. Tuition will be somewhere from 30,000 USD (Indian School) to 90,000 USD (ASIJ). Note that expensive does not mean the best.

I would not send my middle school kids to a Japanese school - others can talk about sending younfer kids to elementary school.

Some schools I can recommend are:

ASIJ: Note that it follows Common Core Curriculum
YIS: It's in Yokohama so is probably too far. It's often impossible to get kids into the high school as this is often full.
Seisen/St Mary: Catholic boys + girl school. I've got good friends who works/worked at both. Older facilities is something to note
TIS: Good school but finishes in Grade 8
Nishimashi: Interesting school which finishes in Grade 9. Has more Japanese kids here - along with diplomat kids.
CAJ: Christian school with a reasonable reputation. This is the one of the list which I know least about - apart from being competitive in sports.
BIST: British school - it's meant to be reasonable.

There may be some good schools I've forgotten off my list - but there are also some doosies which I would not touch with a 10 foot pole. Look into if it's a propriety school (for profit) as this can make a big different (hint hint Canadian School).
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Re: What are school options in Tokyo? 2020/1/3 22:35
Thanks a lot everyone for your answers.

For what I saw so far, international school cost is insane (at least 20000$ per kids per year), and I agree that my oldest one is too old to start at japanese school without talking Japanese.

I will think of it. Thanks a lot for your help.
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