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ATM closed 2020/1/4 08:03
In these holidays atm's are closed so last week I widrawed money thinking it would be enough, but Actually everything is already gone!
When does ATM's open again?
by tonik (guest)  

Re: ATM closed 2020/1/4 17:31
Really? Most ATMs in the region I live have been operating through the New Year holidays. Especially ATMs at convenience stores, such as 7-Elevens, are operating (almost) 24 hours everyday.
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Re: ATM closed 2020/1/5 15:43
This came up in another line of questioning a few months back.

So guessings was the machines run out of moneyin busy locations. And today tomorrow being the first working day, they will likely be refilled.
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Re: ATM closed 2020/1/7 10:23
Did you try going to 7-Eleven? They always have international ATMs in them and those stores are always open too. I would recommend that, or just look for any other convenience stores that may have them.
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