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Looking to apply to the University of Osaka 2020/1/4 15:58
Hello there. As the former states I am trying to apply to the university of Osaka and I plan to study their musicology course. While my GPA is not perfect I do believe it is acceptable for this course (only one class was below a B which would be unrelated to my chosen subject)

I live in Canada and partake in the International Baccalaureate program. As of 2020/01/03 I am taking both public classes for Japanese as well as private lessons in hopes to achieve a B2 level of knowledge of the Japanese language by the end of 2021.( 2021 would be the end of my senior year of High school meaning that I'd apply for the university in 2022)

I do hold a job in which I have made/am making money so cost won't be an issue come the end of my senior year.

Any advice/concerns? I already know about the entrance exams & where they would take place.
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Re: Looking to apply to the University of Osaka 2020/1/5 18:16
Don't worry. My university has more international student than Osaka u
So please apply to my university,Located at Kyoto, Ritsumeikan university.Best of Luck.
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