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Black friday dates and sales 2020/1/4 18:43
hi everyone! can anyone share information about black friday dates? and what kind of discounts the stores offer? im planing to come to japan in mid november until start of december. thank you!
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Re: balck friday dates and sales 2020/1/5 08:04
Does Japan even do Black Friday? I figure the whole idea is that in the US itfs the day after a national holiday, most people have that day off, and you get Christmas shopping taken care of. None of this applies in Japan, correct me if Ifm wrong. Has BF been adopted?
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Re: balck friday dates and sales 2020/1/5 14:23

Anything that can make more yennies, they will try it. Valetine morph into white day and its just chocolate buying, halloween into something money making scheme, christmas into cakes, KFC, romance etc.. everything just got lost in commercialism

Black Friday sale is a recent thing, not something big like the one in US. You wont get big discount/sales in Japan.
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Re: balck friday dates and sales 2020/1/7 13:38
Fukubukro/lucky bag day on January 1-3 is a bigger deal in Japan than Black Friday, however that is a mystery bag so you get a bunch of stuff you might not like, but in January there is huge sales/clearance on clothes, etc. like 50 to 80 percent off deals usually during the whole month of January, depends on the stores but alot of stores are having great deals right now, so basically January is one big black friday equivalent, not November or December. Aeon mall chain in Japan is now doing black friday in November just like the U.S. but its not that big of a sale/not much clearance. So if you want to get really good deals I recommend January to shop in Japan.
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