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Pros and cons to foreigner marriage 2020/1/6 23:27
Whatfs are the pros and cons for two foreigners (who plan to have children) to get married while living in Japan long term (possibly forever)?

For example, my coworker said that if my partner were to be in the hospital, the doctor legally cannot release any information to me because wefre not married.

Some background information...

Ifm from the US, have been living in Japan for over seven years now, must renew my contract every three years. My partner is from Brazil, has been living in Japan for over twenty years now, has PR.

When we both lived in our home countries, marriage wasnft as important to us since itfs rather normal to be with someone and never get married - even if you have children. Living in Japan though, we wonder if itfs gsmarterh to be married if we want to have children.

Itfs difficult to put into words what Ifm asking. This isnft a question of loving my partner enough to get married. My partner and I have been together for many years. Itfs a question of will marriage benefit our future and our childrenfs future?
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Re: Pros and cons to foreigner marriage 2020/1/7 09:06
I can find myself in your story.
I moved to Japan for work several years ago.
During my stay in Japan a fell in love with a Brazilian. She had at that time a 5 year visa and me highly skilled visa.

We have been dating a year and we have decided to marry. Process was not so complicated. So had to ask documentation from Brazil, and I had to ask from my home country (Netherlands).
We went to the city hall and fill in a document and were official married on paper. (after that we held an official ceremony).

It is true that marriage gives your privileges which your partner can arranged.
If you are married in Japan and you have a proper visa than the same rules applies as if you married a Japanese. We could easily find our place based on our income and did not had any issues with acceptance.

Now we both have a pr and she is pregnant of our first child. So for me I only see pros.
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Re: Pros and cons to foreigner marriage 2020/1/7 09:13
Japan is a paperwork country, everything is black and white.
Some of the 'benefit' if you register for marriage :

My partner .....has PR
Fast track/improve YOUR PR , but then again you already been here for 7 years..

our childrenfs future
not familiar with US, but can your future child gain US citizenship if both you not married?

reduction in taxes, insurances etc.. register as family.
documentation bureaucracy related childbirth, school, cityhall etc.
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Re: Pros and cons to foreigner marriage 2020/1/7 11:10
in Japan, when not married, the baby will be registered as no father.
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Re: Pros and cons to foreigner marriage 2020/1/7 12:59
I would say getting married makes things far less complicated in Japan, particularly with children involved.
Both of your names will appear in one gjuminhyoh as a couple, meaning either of you can do any paperwork related to the family; yes doctors (just in case) want to talk to the immediate family only; you can obtain gspouse of PRh status (your child will need to apply for gchild of PRh in order to stay in Japan by the way).

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