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Gaijin houses (foreigner house) 2020/1/7 09:37
any experience living in to gaijin house before diciding to rent an apartment?
how its look like?

any recommendation in Kyoto area?
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Re: gaijin houses (forienger house) 2020/1/7 10:33
What are you referring to exactly when you say "gaijin housing"? Are you currently staying in a house/apartment in Japan? Are you trying to rent a "foreigner-friendly" apartment?
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Re: gaijin houses (forienger house) 2020/1/7 12:50
I donft have any recommendation, but yes, wefve used so-called "guesthouse" apartment before. One was a Japanese-style floor (one 6-mat room to ourselves), with a shared kitchen/dining area, and toilets & shower cubicles. Another was a furnished self-contained unit, and it was more comfortable. Considering that these places didnft require any guarantor and only asked for one-month deposit, it served its purpose.
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