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Are Japanese medical exams mandatory? 2020/1/7 15:08
I had heard that if you work in Japan as a company worker, you MUST take a medical examination each year to make sure that you're healthy. Is this true, or are there certiain things that aren't required? I've heard conflicting articles and I was hoping someone could shed light on the matter of what's actually by law or what's not required.

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Re: Are Japanese medical exams mandatory? 2020/1/7 16:06
Under the Industrial Safety and Health Law of Japan, employers are obligated to provide health check-up to its employees, based on their obligation to ensure good health for the workers.
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Re: Are Japanese medical exams mandatory? 2020/1/7 16:36
Yes, essentially they are mandatory. What exactly is done depends on your company, your age and gender. In my company we do a very complete check up which is organized very efficiently and in about 2 h you are all done. Out of the top of my head I remember the following:
Blood, urine, feces analysis; hearing; sight; vital signs; weight; height; gyn exam; mammography; X-ray of lungs; ultrasound of organs; gastroscopy (not my favorite part); ECG;
And probably something else I forgot. Very efficient indeed. The only thing It did not include was a dental exam.

Before starting a new job you also need to undergo a medical check up , which in my experience is a bit more limited.

The yearly exam is not limited to workers. Also students undergo a similar exam.

If you have some medical reasons (eg pregnancy , allergies...) some parts of the exam are shipped.

Additionally to these yearly medical check ups many companies also offer influenza vaccination. Thatfs entirely voluntary in my experience.

I personally find these medical check ups very good. It gives you a full check up in about 2 h for which you would have needed multiple appointments in most other countries. Plus it is totally free for you. So now although I no longer live in Japan, try to time my business trips in a manner to get the check up done.
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Re: Are Japanese medical exams mandatory? 2020/1/8 04:56
Wow, thatfs a lot of tests. Maybe this has a hand in why people in Japan live so long. No one in America keeps that much tabs on their body, even people who are good about annual checkups. I canft even imagine doing all that just as routine, although it must be a good idea.
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Re: Are Japanese medical exams mandatory? 2020/1/14 23:11
Yes. According to the law called "JSq@", you have to take the medical exam once a year. But the company I'm working for only provides a medical exam every two years. So I guess the law doesn't really matter.
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Re: Are Japanese medical exams mandatory? 2020/1/15 08:50
For the company I work it is mandatory and I do think it is a good system to show your current condition or compare with your previous condition.
It often take a half day and I still get paid during this exam just for waiting and doing some tests.
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Re: Are Japanese medical exams mandatory? 2020/1/21 19:04
I think it is a great system, one of the reasons why life expectation is this high in Japan.
Personally, I enjoy the yearly check, well except perhaps the balium one, where you have to drink this powder and turn you around on a table. For some reason I get stomach aches from that one. But seems like the test are really different from company to company, for example in my old company I also did the prostate exam, but luckily in my new company I didn't need to do it, but instead there is a grip strength test.
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