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Finding jobs in Kumamoto 2020/1/7 17:44
Hello, I currently live in Kumamoto and am looking for a new job. Right now I am a Nova instructor, and while I love the day to day work, the students, and my coworkers, the pay is laughable, benefits are nonexistent. and corporate are robots and not human.
I simply want to finish my contract and move on to something else. Every job site that I search seems to have jobs for basically everywhere except Kumamoto (mainly Tokyo and Osaka for obvious reasons). Does anyone know of any resources to help me find work in Kumamoto? I have a diverse resume with over 10 years of work experience.

Also, pertaining to my Japanese knowledge, I can hold a basic conversation, and read and write (not too much kanji though), but I would not say I am anywhere near N2 or N3. I have only been studying for about 4 months, but I come from a language background (Spanish speaker, and Greek and Latin teacher) so I am able to study efficiently.

Thank you for your help and I hope you all have a great day
by Jlp123  

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