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Baggage delivery over a day 2020/1/7 19:16
Hi, Ifm planning to drop my bags at Shin Omachi station on the day of travel on the Kurobe alpine route to be delivered to Toyama station. I will be staying overnight at Hotel Tateyama and only picking up the bags the next day before returning to Tokyo. Can I check whether I can leave my bags for more than one day at the Toyama station? The official website talks about same day delivery only so Ifm not clear how I can arrange the baggage delivery in this case. Appreciate any advice on the above. Cheers.

Siow Fong
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Re: Baggage delivery over a day 2020/1/8 09:42
I assume you are talking about the baggage forwarding service, the same-day delivery? And you donft need the luggage when you stay over in Hotel Tateyama (in Murodo)?

Then you can drop it off with a regular Takuhaibin (next-day delivery courier) service provider before you start the alpine route. This same-day service is special for those who need the luggage at the end of the day, so you donft need that. I guess they will expect you to pick it up at the end of the day. I donft know where you are starting from – ask at the hotel you stay before you start the route.
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Re: Baggage delivery over a day 2020/1/8 10:34
Yes, I do not need same day delivery. I will just bring a day pack to Hotel Tateyama. One other option might be for me to deliver to Hotel Tateyama and the. Have the bags delivered from Hotel Tateyama to Toyama station on the next day. But this also means that I have to pay twice for the deliveries.

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